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In this section I describe my experience of trading with a number of companies. Before I placing business with a company, I like to hear about the experience of previous customers. I hope that the following is of use to you.


Coldseal Hell - in my opinion, every bit as low as one would expect the double glazing industry to sink.

I was rang at home by a Scottish sounding cold caller from this shower in August 2006. He started off by saying he was not touting for business but undertaking a survey - yeah right! I asked him where he got my phone number from as I am ex-directory. The representative replied that "Jesus appeared to him in a dream last night" and gave him my number. I asked to be put through to his manager to identify where this rogue trader style company had got my number from. Another Scottish guy came on and asked me to hold the line while he hung up on me. I contacted their head office to complain - they have a Scottish telesales centre where I presume that these lowlife bums operate from, but the impression I was left with was that they really didn't give a shit what was said on their behalf. Make of Coldseal what you will, but given my experience of the way they operate I wouldn't dream of ever giving them any business.

TomTom Go730 connecting to Virgin Mobile via my Nokia

TomTom are a real pain. I've just put this little fix here so I remember how to get the connection going again between my Go730 and Virgin Mobile 3G, forget all the login scripts and connecting manually, it isn't necessary. Firstly use the TomTom and go to Change Preferences, find Factory reset in the menu and reset the TomTom and switch it off. Delete the pairing between the TomTom and the phone in the phone. Take the battery out of the phone to reset it. Switch them both back on. Add mobile phone to the TomTom and follow the instructions, it should connect automatically. The bit that goes wrong is where it invites you to connect to the TomTom server whilst creating a connection to share anonymous info, do not accept this invitation and the rest should proceed okay. When the connection is established, Go to TomTom traffic (if that's the service you have) and you will be invited to input your username which is the same as your email address that the TomTom account is registered in, then input your password, it only accepts lower case but don't worry. Voila, it should all be working until the next time it fails!

Rowlands Pharmacy, Rawtenstall - don't give them your business!

"I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the delivery driver of Rowlands pharmacy who covers the Rawtenstall branch on Burnley Road, Rossendale. On September 13th at just before 5PM, my wife was in her small car carrying three young children heading along Burnley Road near Maddisons wine bar. The two lanes merge into one at that point, my wife was in the outside lane with me following shortly behind. She allowed a couple of vehicles on the inside to pass before moving slowly over into the single lane. The Rowlands Pharmacy van accelerated into the narrow gap nearly taking off my wife's wing mirror off and proceeded to prevent her joining the single file by drawing up to the bumper of the car in front. He was revving his van loudly in an aggressive manner - I couldn't believe my eyes, especially as he was in a company vehicle. As her car was still moving and my wife not anticipating such an aggressive action, she was forced to take an evasive maneuver and ended partly on the other side of the road facing oncoming traffic with three kids in the back. I wonder if he would have done it had it been a man? She came to a complete halt but did sound her horn to complain. My wife is a nervous driver and is courteous at all times. In contrast, the Rowlands driver was bullying and aggressive - I understand he finishes work at 5 according to staff there and was probably keen to get back to the shop in time, but that is no excuse for bullying my wife and children and nearly causing them to end up in a road traffic accident. I am absolutely livid and it is undoubtably a good thing that he isn't still at the shop this evening as I am so angry I might well have done something I would regret. The shop is attached to the GP practice where we are registered as a family, we have always used Rowlands pharmacy, but will make sure we don't give you any business in future. Perhaps Rowlands should consider the negative impact that results when idiots like this are employed and sent out into into the community in vans carrying Rowlands livery."

Message to Rowlands, August 2010

USB Bluetooth Dongle BTA-3130 Driver

I had a nightmare finding the drivers USB Bluetooth Dongle BTA-3130 on the web, so I posted the files from the CD ROM  on the link above. Don't install the drivers with the dongle plugged in!

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